Investing in real estate allows our Hard Money Investor partners to fill a much needed gap in this uncertain financial market. Many good borrowers are squeezed out of conventional financing for a huge variety of reasons.

Your investment is secured by a 1st trust deed with a 50%-60% equity positioning ensuring that should if the borrower default the initial investment stands to make even larger sums of money on the investment.

No need to worry about origination, underwriting, or servicing of the mortgage notes. As an investor with Barlington Capital you can earn up to 11% return on your investment.  If you are interested in investing in our loans, please submit your contact information in the form below and one of our principals wil call you shortly.

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About Us
In 2005, we saw the need for creative financing to overcome the enormous obstacles presented by the convetnional mortgage markets.  Each day we are working with borrowers to create solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Our company credits its growth to its creative approach, stringent loan-to-value ratios, business savvy and hands-on style, which has the principals doing work that in other lending institutions would be farmed out to "experts."